Gardening Corner: jobs for September


gardening_jobs_for_september (1)September can be a busy month in the garden keeping up with all the crops, flowers and preparing for autumn. Here are a few key jobs you can do this month.

Harvesting / Dig up those potatoes and onions and start picking yummy raspberries and blackberries. Raise any squashes or pumpkins off the wet soil by placing some stone or slate underneath; this prevents them from rotting. Remember to keep harvesting courgettes, runner beans and radishes too because with some late September sunshine you might get a few more crops still.

Collect seeds / Save yourself a few pennies by collecting the seeds from poppies, lupins, sweet peas and marigolds to plant again next year.

Watering / September can be quite a warm month, so don’t forget to keep watering your plants, especially new ones and keep that greenhouse well ventilated too.

Spring and summer bulbs / Now is the time to plant all those gorgeous bulbs, so that they bloom in time for spring and summer. Lovely spring bulbs you could plant include hyacinths, daffodils, bluebells, and crocuses. Lilies and alliums can be planted too in time for the summer.

Prepare for autumn / Continue to deadhead any plants, clear out old crops and generally tidy up ahead of autumn. You can also start planting garlic and onions ready for next year.


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