Gardening Corner: jobs for October


October is all about tidying up and planning ahead in the garden and here are some key jobs you can do to stay ahead.

Autumn harvest / Now is the time to harvest those golden pumpkins, apples and pears and store them in a dry place ready for eating.

Spring bulbs / October is the time to start planting all those gorgeous spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, bluebells, alliums and hyacinths.

Moving plants indoors / Any tender plants need to be moved into the greenhouse or cold frame before the frosts start to take hold of them.

Tidy up leaves / Sweep up all those leaves and if you have one, add them to your compost heap where they will work their wonder.

Hedges and lawns / Get mowing, trimming and tidying up those hedges and lawns ahead of the winter when it becomes harder to do so.

Plant seeds / You can still sow veggies such as winter cabbage, broad beans, onions, rhubarb crowns, garlic and also hardy annuals such as poppies and cornflowers.



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