Gardening Corner – Jobs for August

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August is a lovely time in the garden when the veg patch is in full swing and the flowers add pops of gorgeous colours and texture. To keep the veg growing and the flowers blooming, here are some key jobs to do in August.


Dead heading and pruning / To keep those flowers going, remember to dead-head them every few days or every day if you have time.

Harvesting / Veggies can keep growing until early October, so remember to harvest them as soon as they’re ready.

Successional sowing / Keep sowing lettuce, radish, and beetroot for a regular supply. You can also plan ahead and start sowing spring cabbage and winter lettuce.

Feeding / Remember to feed your plants on a fortnightly basis

Water, water, water / I cannot emphasise this enough. Keep watering, especially plants in containers and pots.

Cuttings / Take cuttings of your favourite plants and pot them up to increase growth.

Happy gardening!

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