Fun Fake Cacti Crafts

I have a problem: I have an uncontrollable love for cacti and succulents and I have two very young children. And let me tell you from experience – children and spiky plants do not mix well. Children don’t do what they are told (at least mine don’t) and cacti don’t stop being spiky (no matter how much you will them to). So I’ve been searching the internet for a fix and I think I might have found a very crafty one. You can make fake cacti that look beautiful and are so much fun to make. Below are the best cacti crafts I have found from around the web:

1// The Rock Cacti


These little rock cacti look adorable and if like me, you have little people running around then they are perfect – they can’t break and they are a great rainy day craft for you and your little ones to do together! Find the DIY here to make your own using a pot, some stones and paint!







2// The Pom Pom Cacti

cactus-pop-pom-copy-2This sweet little pom pom cacti is not only adorable, it’s perfect for Simple Stylish Knitting collectors: you have pom pom makers and an abundance of yarn!! Put your yarn to good use and make a whole load of these beautiful babies. (You could try making them in all sorts of colour combinations!!) Get the DIY here!!






3// The Clay Cacti

clay-cactusThese little guys will take quite a bit of clay skill and may take you a little while to perfect but once you get going, they will be the easiest to play around with and customise any way you want. Start practising with the DIY hereYou can also make these cacti as big or baby as you want.






4// The Cardboard Cacti
cardboard-cactiIf you want to make something that you can change again and again with very little effort then try this cardboard Cacti DIY here. These guys are great fun to make and you can make new ones every week for a constantly changing cacti garden!







So try the cacti DIYs and let me know which one(s) you liked the best. Make sure you tag us in your DIY cacti pictures on social media using #simplestylishmakers!!

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