Flower Crown How To

20Flower Crowns are not just for summer time and festival season. They can be worn all year round using seasonal flowers and different colours. One of the easiest flower crowns to make are those with faux flowers – they will last forever and still look really pretty! Follow our step-by-step to make your own!

You will need:

  • Selection of faux flowers (you can find these in craft or interior stores)
  • Floristry twine (type with wire inside)
  • Floristry Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ribbon / Lace (optional)
  • Felt (optional)

Begin by measuring twice around your head with the floristry twine. Make sure to measure where you would like the flower crown to sit. Cut the twine so you will have one long length to form into a double circle shape.

Using the floristry tape, secure the ends of the twine into a circle. You will have a double circle of twine, so wrap the tape around both pieces where it joins. Floristry tape will stick to itself which makes this part pretty easy!

Now that you have a circle which forms the base of your crown, select your flowers and turn on your hot glue gun. Lay the headband crown in front of you on the table and arrange the flowers and any greenery. At this point, I like to take a reference picture of my design so that when I come to glue the flowers on, I can remember how I wanted it!

Make sure to trim the stems of the faux flowers so you have 0.5cms left. Hot glue each flower onto the twine headband placing the stem into the glue, being careful to mind your fingers! Wrap around each flower stem with floristry tape to cover the glue.

Next, add some ribbon or lace if you want a decorative finish to your crown. Ribbon works really well at the base of the crown to drape down the neck. You can also line the inside edge of the crown with a thin strip of felt to make it more comfortable against your head. This is easily added with hot glue.

We love seeing your creations so be sure to share your projects with us on social media!

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