Five Ways To Get Creative In Autumn


The cool, crisp air has made it’s way in and we’re starting to wrap up with hats & scarves or pop our fluffy socks on and sit by the fire. Here’s five ways to get creative in Autumn.

– Swap out your vibrant decor and bright pops of colour for more earthy tones. Gather some of nature’s beauty and add a display of pinecones and crispy, golden leaves to your mantelpiece. String up some fallen leaves to create a fun Autumn bunting. Gather some acorns to use in your crafts. Make a fabulous acorn necklace or paint them in different colours to display around your home.

– Have a mixology evening and play around with fun twists on the classic hot chocolate. Add mint and hazelnut syrups or melt real chunky chocolate over the stove to serve with hot milk. You could include real chocolate stirrers, marshmallows or a sprinkling of your favourite sweet treat on top.

– Bring the scent of Autumn into your home with homemade dried orange slices or stick cloves into an orange to make your own pomander ball. Create your own candles by mixing your favourite scents together with wax flakes. Bake with apples or pumpkin and add cinnamon sticks to your hot drinks.

– Finally! You can bring out that chunky yarn for your knitting needles and experiment making huge blankets and rugs to keep you warm over the Autumn and Winter months. They’d also make great gifts at Christmas. You could try your hand at knitting clothing and if a jumper seems too much to take on, try starting with a wrap or poncho.


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