Handmade gifts are the best gifts, especially for meaningful occasions like Valentines day. If you feel too commercial and pressured into buying yet more presents from the high street for Valentines day, why not try something a bit different and make the presents?


Go all traditional and make a mixed tape. Fill it with songs that remind you of each other, songs that have been the soundtrack to your relationship and little spoken word messages. Don’t worry if you don’t have the ability to even play a tape anymore – you could pop your songs onto a USB stick and wrap it up in a little box decorated to look like a tape.


Recreate your first date. Did you meet in a coffee shop or at a gig? Dress up your living room like your first date, serve the drinks you sipped all night and play the band you were watching from Spotify.


Make a date jar. Get the biggest jar you can find and pretty it up with some ribbon or stick a Polaroid of the two of you on the front. You can then fill the jar with slips of paper, each containing a fun date idea. Here are a few to get you started: A midweek cinema trip, who can find the funniest item at the local charity shop, head to the train station and take the first train out to a random location.

Put together a book of your time together. You could use photographs you’ve taken or a collection of instagrams. You could even illustrate a funny story from your relationship or say it with movie quotes and song lyrics.


Have a couples’ photo shoot. You can be as serious or silly as you want with this. Order a professional package and set the whole day aside to get dressed up and snuggle together in the park or just pop down to your local supermarket and squeeze into the passport booth. The photos will become something to enjoy for years to come.

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