Five Ways To Cheer Up A Sick Friend

cheerupasickfriendWinter causes a lot of problems for elderly relatives or friends with health issues, so why not cheer up their day with a lovely treat to let them know you care and are thinking about them. Here are five ways to cheer up a sick friend:

// Take them some fresh flowers. The blooms will instantly transform their space and bring a little nature inside, which is especially important for loved ones who are house bound due to health issues or having to stay in a hospital or care home. Flowers add a little bit of personality too. You can send flowers from many places online, but nothing beats a visit from you so pop to your local flower stall or supermarket (which are often cheaper!) and take them in person if you can.

// A special treat can work wonders. Taking a sick friend some fruit can be a little bit cliché and boring, but taking them chocolates and cakes can also be frowned upon if they’re suffering with health issues. Instead try and combine the two by making some lovely fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate or baking a sponge cake with a jam filling and oodles of fresh fruit piled on top.

// Bring them to a fresh change of scenery. If you were stuck in the house all day you’d be climbing the walls, so why not offer a helping hand. Some loved ones might not be able to leave the house alone so why not pop round and help them out for a nice coffee or take them to get a massage or a beauty treatment – you could even make them a coffee at your own house if you can’t afford a day out. Any change will do them the world of good.

// Take them something to do. Sitting in one place all day can be really depressing so why not take your loved one a stack of magazines you’ve finished reading or even a crossword book. I love a good crossword every now and then. If they love to knit, make sure they know about our website and blog and if they can’t knit coming here is a fantastic place to start and teach themselves.

// Simply give them a call. We’re all really busy in our own lives, but a 10 minute phone call could make the world of difference to a sick or lovely relative and everyone can spare just 10 minutes for someone they love.

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