Five Things To Do On A Winter Afternoon


// Breathe in some of that crisp, fresh Winter air by going for a walk. Wrap up warm in lots of layers, coat, hat and scarf and take yourself for a wonder around your village or workplace. If you’ve got the time you could drive to your nearest park or nature reserve or if you’re lucky enough maybe even the beach.

// Read a book. If you’re anything like me you’ve got an absolute pile of unread and even unopened books that you never get around to reading. Sometimes just making time to open that first page is enough to get you into the mindset of reading and then if it’s the right book, you won’t be able to put it down.

// Find a cosy place at home or in your office where the sun is streaming through the windows and enjoy a cup of tea or a bowl of fruit. The sun is so low in the sky in Winter that it has a lovely feel to it and you get all of the benefits of it’s prettiness and none of those cold breezes!

// Do some pampering. File and paint your nails, try a new make up look… and this goes for guys too! Take time to moisturize your whole body and apply a face mask while listening to some music or watching an old black and white movie. Something you absolutely love, but never make time for.

// Learn to knit! If you’re brand new to knitting or even if you just need a little brush up on your skills, our videos are really easy to follow and you could be whipping up granny square blankets and scarves for all your friends in no time.

Image from: Pinterest


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