Five Organisation Tips



I don’t know about you but do you find after an optimistic start to a new year, you start to take your foot off the pedal after a few months and that tidy desk becomes a complete tip, the morning run gets thrown out the window and that project you were going to start keeps getting pushed further down the to-do list.  

Most of us find it hard to stick to routines and keep organised for a long period because life usually gets in the way; I’m sure you’re all familiar with the odd spanner thrown in the works, yeah?

I like to think I’m an organised person but as I type this the receipts are piled up in a corner and they must be filed soon. So, to help you and me get back into a better routine I’ve come up with five organisation tips.

Spring clean

If your desk, office, spare room is a complete tip, this isn’t going to motivate you to be organised. So, first things first, put aside half a day or a whole day if need be, to clear your space up. A tidy space is a tidy mind!

Realistic goals

Now you’ve got your space tidy again, write down some goals for the week ahead which focus on getting on top of the chaos. Make sure the goals are realistic and are broken down into bite size chunks. For example, give yourself one goal for the week and split it up into 7 steps; one step per day and you’ll have that goal ticked off the to-do list and be on the road to getting your life in order again.

Do the boring job first

Yup, this old trick is a winner. Start with the job you find most tedious or that you’ve been putting off the most. If you tackle it first, then you won’t be pushing it further down the to-do list and it probably won’t be as bad as you thought it would be.

Planners, Calendars and Apps

There are so many devices out there that can help you get organised from Apps, such as Asana to cleverly laid out planners. I’ve been trying out both this year and find them so helpful for breaking down tasks.

Put it away immediately

To keep on top of everything, a simple approach is to put things away straight away. You know that bit of paper that you’re going to file later, go file it now. It will take less than a minute and won’t end up in a heap resulting in a bigger job later.

I hope these tips helps you get back on track. Do you have any tricks for staying organised?


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