Five minutes with Lauren from Lauren Aston Designs


Today we’re finding out about the creative world of Lauren Aston who creates large scale knits.

Hello there, can you tell all of our Simple Stylish Makes readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello I’m Lauren, I own and run a small business hand knitting large scale statement knits for interiors, mostly blankets, cushions and footstools. I live in beautiful Devon with my fiancé Alex and our cockapoo puppy Harry (named after Harry Potter because he lives under the stairs).

When did you start knitting?

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 11. I then did a degree in fashion and textiles specialising in knitwear, which is where I really honed my skills.

What do you love about knitting?

There are so many benefits to knitting, not only is it good for your health because it reduces blood pressure and has a calming effect but it’s also incredibly therapeutic to do and watch. When I put videos on social media of me knitting people always comment about how hypnotising it is and I couldn’t agree more. Specifically, what I love about the giant knitting that I do is that because of its huge scale it grows so quickly and you see results in minutes which is very satisfying (the time consuming part comes afterwards when I hand process, tidy and finish each piece but the knitting is speedy).

Can you share any top knitting tips?

Start with the basics and go from there. I always teach the ‘knit on’ cast on method as you basically learn to knit whilst casting on. I also recommend chunky knitting (maybe not as chunky as I do to begin with) as you can see it grow faster so it’s more satisfying and helps with your sense of accomplishment. I’d maybe start with 10mm or 12mm needles to begin with.

When you’re not knitting, what do you like to do?

Like any other small business I work ridiculous hours so don’t end up with much free time but when I do we try to see our friends as much as possible, visit places we’ve never been before and go out for tea and cake. Living in Devon gives us the perfect opportunity to go for walks on the beach or around Dartmoor which Harry obviously loves, so we try to go somewhere new for a different walk at least once a week.

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