Five minutes with… Emma from Emma Knitted


This month I had the great pleasure of interviewing fashion, knit and crochet designer, Emma Wright from Emma Knitted.


Hello there, can you tell our lovely blog readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello, I’m Emma. I’m a fashion, knit and crochet designer living in Sheffield, Yorkshire with my parents, my boyfriend, my siblings and our 3 dogs. As you can imagine we have a very busy household (we are extremely family orientated), which is why I base my studio in my grandparents’ spare room. It’s a little more peaceful there.

When did you start knitting?

I learnt to knit in the traditional way my Nan taught me when I was a little girl, only I had no interest until I went to college at 16 to study Fashion and Textiles. One of the projects during my first year of textiles was hand knit, I bought my first knitting book and all the skills my Nan taught me as a child came flooding back. I also taught myself to crochet and machine knit too!

What do you love about knitting?

Everything, I love how free and creative I can be. I love to create my own pattern within the fabric, especially bringing colour together. Knitting is also so versatile, I can take it with me wherever I go!

Can you share any top knitting tips?

Knit with as many colour as you can, be adventurous and knit something exciting. I love nothing more than seeing someone really personalise one of my designs to suit their own taste, this can be as simple as colour choice, garment lengths, adding or removing an edging. A knitter once added elastic around the cuffs of her project and another added silicone to the bottom of her socks to create slippers. Another great top tip is working on circular needles, even when working straight. For someone who knits as much as I do, or having difficulty with their wrists, this is defiantly something to try!

When you’re not knitting, what do you like to do?

This is a really tricky question, I spend a lot of time knitting… does answering with crochet count? I love my job and consider myself very lucky to be doing what I love. I do love a walk in the countryside with my little wirehaired fox terrier Daisie, she makes a regular appearance on my instagram page and I do love clothes and make-up shopping too!



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