Five minutes with The Messy Brunette


Today we’re finding out about craft blogger and Etsy shop owner, Maura aka The Messy Brunette.

Hi there, Maura! Can you tell all of us at Simple Stylish Makes a little bit about yourself?

Well hello! I’m Maura, wife to one and mum to 2 little boys.  I am an Irish blogger and crafter.  I have recently braved opening my online store through Etsy. Still finding my feet but loving it.  I love all types of craft & I love trying out new stuff too.  I am self-taught so every day I craft is an adventure!

When did you start designing/making?

I suppose I have always liked dabbling in making and designing things from a young age but it’s only in the past few years that I decided to get serious about it.  I worked in office environments for years, which can be draining on the soul but I always made sure I printed the best-looking reports.

What do you love about designing/making?

The whole process can be daunting at first so I tend to sit and doodle what I’m thinking and go from there.  Sometimes a project goes great from the get go and I love that when the idea in your head works out. Plus, it’s a real bonus when someone loves what you make and they come back for more.

Can you share any top designing/making tips?

Be patient, although that is not a strong point of mine, ha!  But if a project doesn’t work out, stop, leave it alone for a while and then try again with fresh eyes and loads of coffee!  Learn from others and reach out, most people are only willing to help.

When you’re not designing/making, what do you like to do?

I like running and find it’s a great way to get rid of any stress, oh and reading, I love books of any kind and usually this goes hand in hand with some dark chocolate.

Thanks so much, Maura! It’s been fab hearing about your crafty world!

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