Five minutes with designer/maker Fairy Tale Collars


When I first came across Fairy Tale Collars on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with the designs. They’re fun, playful, colourful and most of all, they’re totally unique. So, I just had to find more about the incredible designer/maker behind these creations.

Hi there, can you tell the Simple Stylish Makes readers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Emma, I’ve been running Fairy Tale Collars on Instagram for two years now. It started with an idea to make some Disney inspired felt collars and grew from there. I’ve always loved felt because I’m kind of impatient and like the fact that with felt you see things taking shape quickly. I’ve always been creative and tried lots of different medias but realised felt is the thing I love and where my passion lies. The seasons play a big role in inspiring me, as does colour and nature.


When did you start designing/making?

I’ve always loved creating and making things, trying many things such as jewellery, mosaics, knitting, making clothes etc. And especially since I had my daughter, crafting became even more important and something we would do together and enjoy.

What do you love about designing/making?

I love designing, to me it’s so satisfying to see an idea come to life. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment.  My favourite thing is seeing pics of people wearing their collars on Instagram; every single pic makes me happy.


Can you share any top designing/making tips?

Hmm well, the things I try to do or avoid when it comes to designing is not to compare yourself, try to remember everyone has a style and yours is unique so stick with it, and do it because you enjoy it because that will translate to others.

Also, I love listening to music when I’m making. You get carried away while listening to music and don’t stress about things as much, so things tend to flow better.

A third tip is to remember there’s always those bad days where things don’t go so right and new ideas won’t work out. Everyone has them and as much as they are annoying, you’ve still learnt from them.


When you’re not designing/making, what do you like to do?

I live right on the coast in Devon so I’m fortunate to enjoy lots of coastal and beach walks. Everything to me is made better after being out by the sea. I have a husky cross dog so I walk a lot and I love being out surrounded by nature. Also, I love 80’s movies, cocktails and vintage clothes shopping!


Thank you so much Emma, it’s been truly wonderful hearing about how you got started and what you love about designing, creating and making. Keep up the beautiful designs!

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