Five minutes with designer/maker ‘Baked by Lou’


I first came across ‘Baked by Lou’ on Instagram when her colourful designs completely popped out at me. Proudly handmade in Wales, Lou, designs, makes and bakes all the jewellery and accessories you see in her shop, so it’ll come as no surprise that I was super keen to find out more about this designer/maker!


Hi there, can you tell the Simple Stylish Makes reader a little bit about yourself?

I’m Lou, owner and maker of Baked by Lou. I create ‘baked’ jewellery and accessories amongst other things.  It’s baked because I work with ceramics and polymer clay and both require an oven and a kiln!  So, sorry if you checked in for cakes!  By day I work in education, developing curriculum and ensuring a positive learning experience for our students.


When did you start designing/making?

In school…15 years ago…ahem… my Art teacher Mr Latham was a massive creative influence on me.  He introduced me to art as a serious career option rather than a subject in school.  Then I went on to do an Art Foundation and Fine art Degree.  I got a bit scared to be a practising artist and very happily went into teaching, however, in the last 6 months or so I’ve started Baked by Lou to take making much more seriously. Fingers crossed!

What do you love about designing/making?

I love the freedom. It can take you off in a million different directions as you’re constantly developing on your initial ideas and it seems so natural to do that.  I do need to calm myself down sometimes though and stick to what I’m going at, ha-ha! I love the fact that it can completely consume me so I am not thinking of anything else.

I also LOVE this community!! There are heaps of people I’ve now met, worked with and shared with.  It’s all so supportive.  The people I’ve met are constantly lifting each other up and THAT is just the best thing in the world.


Can you share any top designing/making tips?

Firstly, the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to not schedule time to be creative.  I spent a while thinking ‘I’ll do 5 hours on Saturday and work 7-9 each night’ etc. but it just doesn’t work for me like that.   I need to do it when the mood takes me, even if that’s after a lazy start to the day, a couple of naps and takes me up ‘til midnight!

It’s also okay to accept things you’re not good at.  I contacted a finance guy, someone else has shown me how to use a spread sheet and my best friend put together an invoice for me.  Accept that people want to help you and that’s okay.

When you’re not designing/making, what do you like to do?

I’m probably thinking about the next time I can make?!  When I’m not making, I’m hanging with my hubby and cat (but if you’ve seen my Insta stories you know that even when I am making my cat is sprawled across my desk!).  I’m thinking about what colour to paint the bathroom.  I’m following my husband around galleries and museums.  I’m having ‘bring a dish’ parties with the girls. I’m drinking tea.


Thank you so much Lou! It’s been wonderful hearing all about your creative world and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for Baked by Lou!


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