Fabric Jar Bookends

fabric jar bookends

With knitting, sewing and crafting I end up with a whole load of fabric scraps and yarn ends and I hate throwing them away. It feels so wrong that I actually keep a jar by my sewing machine to pop all my lose threads and fabric scraps in while I’m sewing.

One day I noticed that the jar was full. I couldn’t, however hard I tried, put a single piece of yarn or thread in. There was simply no room. What I did notice was that the layers of fabric and thread had created a pretty pattern in the jar. It was then that the idea came to me – I could fill jars with fabric to create artistic looking book ends! Don’t you love it when a creative idea comes to you by accident? I now have quite a few fabric jar bookends dotted around the house!

The jars can also be used as doorstops and they can be filled with all sorts of things, including shells, pebbles or layers of different colour pulses.

I hope this has inspired you to not throw away those fabric and yarn scraps and instead make something worth looking at!

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