Christmas Decorations from Etsy

It’s time for a little Etsy love and this month I have predictably been scouring Etsy for beautiful Christmas decorations to adorn my festive tree. I don’t know about you but all of my favourite tree decorations are handmade; not necessarily by me but there is just something extra special about a decoration lovingly made by hand.

All of the decorations in this list are from UK Etsy shops so they will have plenty of time to get to you before your tree has to go up! Don’t forget to let us know your favourites and please leave a comment if you have found any brilliant decorations that we have left off our list.

il_570xN.857647308_862wThese beautiful and very tasteful ceramic Christmas decorations are perfect to add a touch of frost to your tree!

il_570xN.394366126_bf43How brilliant are these lego tree decorations? Absolutely perfect to bring a bit of geeky fun to Christmas.

il_570xN.869921969_3mvrThese lovely Christmas decorations are inspired by the English countryside.

il_570xN.853985803_bik2Do you love cats? Or know someone that does? Then these Christmas decorations are for you!

il_570xN.512818885_rpf1More of a dog person? Meet Rudolph the red nose dog!

il_570xN.680724184_6boxTraditional felt Christmas decorations are a must for any handmade tree! These ones are my favourite on Etsy.

il_570xN.845136659_7cxaDo you want to decorated your own Christmas decorations? These blank wooden decorations are perfect to decorate on your own or with your Kids!

il_570xN.868319439_949wFour individual hand painted Christmas decorations that are absolutely stunning and will go with any other decorations you have. 

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