Embroidery in Fashion

From local stores to Paris’ runways, embroidery is one of the biggest trends in fashion right now and we love this trend. It doesn’t matter what type of fashion you like – vintage, gothic or feminine – this is a trend that you can use to make your clothes completely unique and individual! We have searched around the web for the best and the most fashionable uses for embroidery for you to get your embroidering inspiration from!



This is perfect for beginners or expert embroiderers. You can add tiny details to your plain clothes to make them unique or completely transform your t-shirts with embroidery. Look for t-shirts with designs that you can embroider over for a fun twist!

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Again, you can use embroidery to personalize your jeans in any way you can imagine. Small hidden details are the most on-trend additions to jeans. Embroidering onto denim can be more difficult than a thinner material like t-shirts so keep that in mind when choosing a design.

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You can either embroider straight on to your accessories or if that is a little difficult because of the thickness of your material, you can create embroidery patches to attach to any accessory from hats to bags!

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