Dressing up Jelly


70s deserts are so in right now and I could not be happier about it. There are some that are trickier, but for the most part, melon calls, jellies and trifle are all relatively simple yummies that you can jazz up so easily.

My flavor of the month is coconut this month. Secretly I’m a little sick of being cold and all I want is to sit on a beach sipping pina coladas and (even if only for a second) eating coconut takes me to that beach. So, rather than plain and boring raspberry jelly, I added half boiling water and half coconut milk to give me that summertime feeling.


The jelly pots were bought from a local charity shop and are by far my favourite desert pots; they’re the perfect size and look brilliant when you bring them out. And to top it all off, they only cost me 3 pounds for 6!! Charity shops are probably the best place to pick up dinnerware.

So, I made my coconut, raspberry jelly, squirted some cream on top, popped on a raspberry, served it with some colourful spoons and the whole thing took about 5 mins tops! Which leaves you plenty of time to concentrate on your main course.

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