DIY Wooden Bangles

DIYBangles_002You can pick up these plain wooden bangles in most craft and supplies stores as well as a lot of high street favourite fashion chains so I wanted to share some ideas for how you could personalise them and make a piece of jewellery no one else will own.

DIYBangles_003Depending on what type of bangle you buy you might need to sand them down first, particularly if they have a shiny finish to them. Sandpaper comes in a variety of thicknesses from your local DIY shop and doesn’t cost much for a selection of sheets.

Once you have a clean base you can start having fun. For my bangles I have used standard wood stain for outside use (‘walnut’ and ‘summer rain’) and some metallic finish multi purpose paint for some gold accents. If you have a steady hand you could paint some lovely floral patterns or geometric designs along your bangle, you don’t just have to stick to block colours.

As well as painting you can upcycle your bangles by adding some embellishments with glue. I recommend E6000 for a long lasting bond, but make sure you read the label and use in a well ventilated area. You can pick up some cute pieces to glue to your bangles in any craft shop or try searching for ‘cabochons’ on Etsy to find some unusual flat bottom designs like these tiny gold pieces I chose.

Have fun and do share your makes with us on social media!

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