DIY Bird Garland


As the weather starts hotting-up we are going to be spending more and more times in our outdoor space. Whether that’s a balcony or garden, sitting outside and watching the wildlife is so much fun! My daughter has a wonderful love of birdies at the moment (she is 2 and a half and a real animal lover) so we decided to make a garden garland to attract the birds and other wildlife. Make your own garland and enjoy watching all of the little birds that come to say hello!

PINECONES: To make the pinecones, tie your string around the top of the pinecone. Next fill all of the pinecone holes and crevasses with peanut butter. Roll the pinecone in a good quality bird seed mix. You can add more seed with your fingers!

FEED ROLLS: To make the bird rolls, take a toilet roll and put some string through the roll, tieing at the top. Spread peanut butter all over the roll and again roll in a good quality bird seed mix. You could use a different seed mix to give your birds a little variation.

BIRD CAKES: Slowly melt a pack of suet in a saucepan and mix in some bird seed, dried fruit and oatmeal until you have a thick consistency. Tie some string with a knot and place in the middle of your empty yogurt pot. Spoon your suet mixture on top, ensuring that the string stays in the middle of the ‘cake’.

FRUITY CHAIN: Using a needle and string, pierce dried fruit and move onto your string. You can mix up the fruit you use!

APPLE CHAIN: Make apple rings by cutting the core out of your apple. Tie the apples together using your string.

All you have to do now is tie all of your pieces to your garland, sit back and wait for the birds to flock!

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