Different yarns: Plastic


Did you know there are a tonne of different types of yarn to knit with? When you start delving into the world of knitting and yarns, it’s really quite amazing what you can knit with.

When I first heard of plastic yarn, it blew my mind. Knitting with plastic yarn, really? Yep, it’s true! Those supermarket shopping bags that you often see floating down the street or knotted up in trees can instead be cut up into strips and tied together to make one, long ball of yarn. Surely that has to be on the ultimate ways to recycle list?! Just think you could knit a shopping bag out of shopping bags!

My top tips for knitting with plastic:

1) Use wooden or bamboo needles as stainless steel needles tend to stick to the plastic

2) Don’t tie the ends of yarn in with a darning needle as it simply doesn’t work

3) Try out different bags to add a dash of colour

Knitting with an environmental conscience feels good and well, it’s pretty fun too! So, instead of letting those bags build up under the kitchen sink, why not save them up as a knitting supply!

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