Summer is my favourite time of year the greenery is bursting into life everywhere you look.

With the colour of the year for 2017 being announced as ‘Greenery’ by Pantone, I thought it best to share some great ideas of how to add more lovely greens to your crochet patterns.
There are so many great colours in the green family – forest green, mint green, apple green, teal, olive and lime … the list is endless.

Ideal Uses:

// Interior Decor – Naturally, you would use greens outside your home with a luscious garden full of healthy trees, plants and a good patch of grass to enjoy a picnic on or run around playing games with the dog. Don’t forget to use green inside your home, too! I think green is the ideal colour choice for a multi-tonal green blanket to bring the outside in. Try using a lighter, apple green shade for the majority of the blanket and breaking it up with a lovely dark army green.

// Fashion – Perfect for red heads, you can really make a statement with a key piece in a lovely striking green like a beautiful summer shawl or use some green in a more unusual area by picking out an accent colour in your outfit and bringing it to life with green accessories or jewellery.

Image from Pasta&Patchwork

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