Craft Trends: Watercolours

Craft Trends Watercolours

 When I think of watercolours, they remind me of school art classes as a child. Making a mess with paint was a regular occurance and the additional of water made it a lot more fun. These days, watercolour has become an elegant, calming art and watercolour designs have made their way into modern designs. Illustrators and calligraphers have turned to watercolours for a soft, muted feel and even graphic designers are using the trend.

So how does one get started? Art shops are a great place to find reasonably priced supplies. You can find pads of watercolour papers to practice on and watercolour poster board once you progress. A small palette of watercolour paints in basic colours will allow you to blend colours together to create a wider selection of paints. Some will even come with a little brush to get started too.

As brush lettering has also become a big trend in the creative world, many illustrators and artists are turning to brush lettering pens. You can find brush pens where the ink or water can be loaded into them and used immediately without any mixing.

I find that watercolour backgrounds can be a good start for experimenting with mixed media projects. Using different textures and materials on top of watercolours can make for an interesting piece of art. Ultimately it is about finding your creativity and letting the paints flow!

I’d love to hear if you have any project ideas for watercolours.

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