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I’m super excited to talk about a creative trend I am seeing take off in the craft world. Stop motion animation has been appearing all over Instagram as the latest way to get creative with video.

Even though it is a time consuming process, stop motion can be a fun way to experiment with moving images. In basic terms, a series of images with small changes are captured, then stitched together to create the impression of movement.

With the accessibility of apps and smartphone cameras, it can be fairly simple to create your own stop motion movies at home. I have been inspired by a number of filmmakers online who create fantastic object based stop motion animations so I thought I’d share these with you today.

Xanthe Berkeley is a London based photographer and filmmaker who captures stop motion for clients and also for her Instagram followers. Xanthe’s films are object based and usually filmed from above with colourful themes throughout. I particularly love her flower based films where she deconstructs a flower and uses the petals in the motion.

Trisha Zemp is a stop motion filmmaker based in the US who works for big clients such as Etsy and Lindt. Trisha has a colourful, playful style and shares her tips and tricks on YouTube for people to try their own stop motion. She often works with paper and has shared some fantastic films using pop-up books too.

PES is a US stop motion expert and his short animations blow my mind! One of his recent films took 1 year to create as it was so involved! PES uses unusual objects to tell his story, often to appear as something else. Elaborate comes to mind when I watch a PES stop motion!

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