Craft Trends: Ikat Patterns


Lately, I have been working in my sketchbook a little more, using pencils, paint and brush pens to explore some mindfulness and creativity. As someone who is interested in interior trends, I enjoy finding creative ways to bring those trends across to the craft world and my sketchbook plays a role in that.

A big interiors trend for soft furnishings at the moment are the Ikat patterns. Ikat is a dyeing technique which uses the resist method (like tie dye and shibori) to create patterns on fabric and yarn, prior to weaving. Ikat’s noticeable characteristic is the ‘blurred’ design which occurs during the dyeing process. I wanted to share a way to recreate the Ikat design in your own sketchbooks using some acrylic paint and a brush.


Choose 3 colours to create your Ikat pattern. I have used acrylic paints, but this also works well with watercolours. Using a dry brush, begin to create strokes in a diamond shape, making sure to use the brush vertically. This creates the thinner strokes and the dry brush will assist with creating the ‘blurred’ effect of the pattern.


Moving onto your second colour, repeat the process inside your diamond shape, using vertical brush strokes to build the pattern. Finally, add a third colour to complete the shape and be sure repeat the pattern across your page. For the third colour I actually used liquid guilding paint which is a favourite craft supply of mine. If you’d like to see more crafts with this paint, just let us know and we will explore ways to use it!

We hope you will have fun painting in your sketchbooks and don’t forget to share your Ikat patterns with us!

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