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If you don’t already know, I have a slight obsession with colour. I love seeking it out to share on Instagram, I love wearing bright colours and my whole shop is inspired by colours and colour combinations; I am definitely a part of that tribe known out there as, colour seekers. So, today I thought I’d look at colour in a little bit more depth and share ideas on how you can seek it out too.

Looking for colours

Maybe a strange point to start with but you’d be surprised how easy it is to stop looking for and appreciating colours every day. I think we get stuck in a rut gravitating towards the same colours, whether it’s in the clothes we wear, the fabrics and yarns we choose for our latest craft projects or the paint we decorate a room in.

A great way to start looking for colour and re-thinking your own colour palette is by literally playing around with them and mood boards are a great way to do this. Set yourself a challenge by selecting a colour you wouldn’t normally choose and start looking for examples of that colour to pin on your mood board. Look in magazines, Pinterest, food packaging, and on blogs and websites. At the end of the exercise you’ll be amazed at how much of that one colour you were able to find and your appreciation of it will certainly increase.

Colour inspiration

Getting inspiration for a colour needn’t be restricted to Pinterest, though that’s a great starting point. I am a firm believer in getting out the house to go on a colour hunt. Simply going on a walk around your local village, town or park and really looking at the colours of the flowers, trees, doors, walls, houses and more can leave you feeling totally inspired. Heading to a new city and being a tourist for the day is another a great way to open your eyes up to colours and colour combinations. And don’t forget a simple but wonderful way, checking out an art gallery. If you can’t find new colours there, then I’ll eat my brightly coloured hat!

Colour theory

As you’d imagine, a lot has been written about colour theory, the history of colour and colour therapy. I find it fascinating how colour can affect our moods and emotions and so recently, I’ve been seeking out books to read up on it. Two books that have been recommended to me are, ‘In the Mood for Colour’ by Hans Blomquist and ‘The Secret Lives of Colour’ by Kassia St Clair.

Colour groups

Have you heard of, ‘In Colourful Company’? It’s a fabulous new group for colour fans where they can share their love of colour with each other, whether it’s an interesting blog post they found, a colourful craft project they made or a fun interactive project centred around, yes, you guessed it, colour! They also organise colour themed photo walks around the UK, which sound like so much fun! You can find them online here and on Facebook and Instagram.


I hope this inspires you to look outside the box when it comes to colour and discover new ways to appreciate it.

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