Colour Buddies – Cool Earth

colourbuddies_coolearth_palette colourbuddies_coolearth

I love the earthy colour palette of reds, browns and greens but it can get a little predictable and overdone. I was flicking through some photographs I took last year in Edinburgh and I just loved the warm/cool contrast of this picture of Edinburgh Castle at night. It really inspired me to put a new spin on my favourite earthy colours.

Taking that warm base of a tan shade of brown and adding a bit of cool charcoal grey really shakes up the colour palette, but still stays earthy and natural for those of you who don’t like intense, vibrant colours. The fading blue sky is such a lovely shade of sky blue that is a little less bold, perfect for a subtler colour scheme.

Ideal Uses:

// Interior Decor – These colours would make up a really stand out kitchen that was different to any home décor that your friends and family might have. Choose a dark grey for the unit colour and add a lovely warm wooden worktop throughout. You can add a bit of colour with your tiles, splash back and accessories in a cute shade of pastel blue.

// Weddings – A lovely way to make your wedding stand out a little more than a tradition colour palette; Bridesmaids in pastel blue dresses with matching flowers for the groomsmen on their charcoal suit jackets. Add the warm tan in traditional brogues for the men and lovely shades of natural wood for your décor with blue and cream flowers scattered around the venue.

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