Colours for Summer: Citrus



Probably the most fun colour palette you could come up with. Screaming Summer time, with their instantly fresh feel the vibrant colours of citrus fruits are shamelessly colourful!

If these colours are too much as a combination you could add in white as a base to mute the overall feel. The image shows this collection painted on textured wood, instead of a smooth surface, which also makes this palette subtler.



Ideal Uses:

// Interior Decor – These colours would really brighten up a room that doesn’t get that much natural light. Keep your walls a light, neutral colour and add splashes of citrus. Perfect in the kitchen to accessorise with actual fruits in a statement bowl.

// Fashion – While this colour palette is ideal for Summer clothing and beach holidays, it would also serve as a fabulous way to brighten up a dull, dreary Winter day. Invest in some citrus coloured wellington boots to clash wonderfully against the white of the snow!

What are your favourite colours this month?

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