Coconut Oil Uses


Did you know that you can use Coconut oil inside as well as outside (your body that is). I love coconut oil, it has properties that can help nearly every aspect of your day to day life be a little healthier. We’ve already talked about oil pulling this month but here are a few other reasons why we love this nut –

Coconut Oil for Cooking and Eating

Number 1 – Healthy cooking oil – Whether you’re cooking a Thai Green Curry, your morning eggs, or frying up chips, Coconut oil is a healthy alternative to using sunflower or vegetable oil.

Number 2 – On toast –  Use Coconut oil instead of butter on toast in the morning. It’s healthier, has less fat, and tastes amazing.

Number 3 – To top your Popcorn – Make popcorn the old fashioned way and try using Coconut oil and just a little salt instead of butter or sugar. You will be amazed how good this filling, low fat, super cheap snack is! You can also top plain microwave popcorn with Coconut oil just to make it extra tasty.

Number 4 – Put a summer twist on your brownies – Use Coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in your baking to give your sweet treats the taste of summer.

Number 5 – Coconut oil coffee – Yes, we weren’t sure either but adding just a teaspoonful of the oil to your morning brew tastes delicious and the fatty acids in Coconut oil can significantly reduce your appetite which should keep you going from breakfast to lunch without an extra biscuit.

Coconut Oil for Beauty

Number 1 – Highlighter – Use just a little Coconut oil on your cheekbones to make them glow without blocking your pores.

Number 2 – Shaving cream – Shave and moisturise at the same time by swapping out expensive shaving creams for just a little Coconut oil.

Number 3 – Makeup remover – SO much better for your skin and leaves your face feeling extra moisturised after a long day.

Number 4 – Hair moisture mask – When you first get in the bath, rub Coconut oil through your locks, leave for 15 – 20 mins and rinse and shampoo as usual for and extra moistured mane.

Number 5 – Oil pulling – Swish just 2 teaspoons of oil around your mouth every morning before brushing your teeth to kill all bacteria and pull any nastiness out of your mouth. Oil pulling is amazing for your gums and feels so refreshing.

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