Christmas Gift Guide – Awesome Gifts For Travel Lovers


Have a friend who’s never around, always jetting off somewhere new and if they are at home they’re daydreaming about their next destination? Here’s a list of awesome gift ideas for travel lovers, adventurers and wanderers! Psst, if you love to travel yourself why not send a link to this blog post to a friend! Hint, hint!

// You can buy gift vouchers for airlines now so if you have a travel loving friend who can’t afford to jet off somewhere new right now, this is a great way to help them towards their next destination. Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget, with some airlines you can travel somewhere for just £19.99!

// I absolutely love this scratch map poster from Scratchables that allows you to document your travels in a new and unique way. Your friend can hang their poster on the wall and scratch off new destinations as they visit.

// A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving all year round, or if you’re on a smaller budget you can just choose a one month subscription and let your friend decide to continue the subscription if they like it. Wild Inspiration boxes are a fun subscription gift especially for travel and adventure lovers!

// Choose to give a memory of your loved one’s favourite or most recent trip! Browse the gifts for travel lovers on to find the perfect gift that you can personalize too!

// If you were lucky enough to have travelled with your friend or family member too, why not make a scrapbook of your most recent journey or all the times you’ve travelled together. If you’re not confident about making a scrapbook yourself, check out Project Life or get a photo book printed full of all your memories.

Happy shopping!

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