Christmas Gift Guide – Awesome Gifts For Photographers


Looking for the perfect gift for your photographer pal this Christmas? Well you’ve come to the right place! As a photography enthusiast myself I could harp on and on about all the cool things I’d love to buy or get as gifts so here are a few of my favourites to inspire you to give great gifts this Christmas:

// Photojojo Gift Card – A Mecca for photographers, Photojojo has as many ideas as you could ever need for your photographer pal, ranging from fun novelty items like lens coffee mugs to really interesting and useful accessories like pocket spotlights and cool lenses for your iPhone. No idea what to choose? Pick a gift card and you know they’ll get just what they want.

// Pick out a fun or suave camera strap. I actually only just got a new camera strap this year after using the once that came with my Nikon for around 6 years or so. For some reason it was always something I never got round to buying for myself. Don’t worry that your friend might already have one; chances are they have multiple cameras and it’s always nice to change things up for different occasions!

// Subscribe them to an Instagram printing service. In this digital age we almost never get the photos from our cameras and laptops onto anything physical so why not give the gift of print so your friend can choose their favourite Instagram pictures every month to print out and stick on their fridge.

// Choose a beautiful necklace from so they can wear their hobby with pride. There are so many beautifully designed camera themed chains and accessories to choose from. This locket version is my personal favourite.

// Don’t be afraid to ask. There are tons of items on my photography wish list, most of which non photographers will never have heard of and I would love someone to be thoughtful enough to want to buy me something specifically for my camera. Your friend might also be saving up for something big so you could put money towards it or buy vouchers instead.

Happy shopping!

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