How to choose the right craft for you



How to choose the right craft for you

I love learning new crafts each year but sometimes it’s hard to choose which craft to learn, so I’m going to approach it slightly differently this year. I’ve split some of the glorious crafts you can do into categories to make it easier to choose depending on what I feel like doing. For example, I’ve found crafts that are perfect for a free hour on a Sunday afternoon or projects that require more attention to detail and might take the whole month to finish. Here are some that I’ve come up with, which I hope will help you choose too.


Attention to detail

These types of crafts are perfect for immersing yourself in over a whole weekend or maybe every evening over a week or two. Crafts you could try include: embroidery, cross stitch, paper cutting, calligraphy and oil painting.



Sometimes you just have to satisfy the senses, whether it’s taste, touch or smell.

Flavour filled crafts you could try include making your own perfume, soaps and bathroom products or any type of cooking. Maybe even a specialist types of cooking like French patisseries or Japanese sushi.



If you haven’t already guessed, I love the outdoors, flowers and wildlife, so making something involving these three things is a big plus. Lovely things you could try include pressing your own flowers, creating a wild flower garden, flower arranging, making bird houses and insect homes, heading to the hills or a beach with your easel and creating your own beach or landscape painting.


Slow living

Projects that you can slowly chip away at without feeling like it has to be finished by a certain date are definitely my go-to relaxation crafts. Knitting, crochet, weaving, pottery and quilting are just a few you could try.


Quick projects

When you’re a busy bee and only have an hour or two spare on a Sunday afternoon, quick crafts are perfect for satisfying the urge to make something. Card making, screen-printing, jewellery making and small sewing projects such as cushions, purses, or tea towels are ideal.



If you’ve got the urge to try something a bit more technical, there are so many wonderful things you could try such as graphic design, photography, film making and animation. There are fantastic tools you can use too such as electronic drawing tablets and free online photo editing websites for having fun with your images.


Will you be trying a new craft this year? Come and tell us what you’re planning to make!

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