Business Card Holder DIY


Whether you are making craft to sell them, are thinking about starting your own crafting-empire, or have any other career outside of crafting, 2016 is the year to get your hustle on! So, here’s a quick and easy origami DIY craft to help you with your hustle: paper business card holders that look amazing, are so easy to customise and will amaze people when you whip out your fabulous business cards.

To make your holder for a standard 3.5″ x 2″ business card you will need an 8.5″ square piece of paper. If your business cards are bulky, or if you plan on carrying lots then you can up your paper to 9″. I prefer to use a heavy weight paper to make the business card holders a bit sturdier but that part is totally up to you.


Fold your sheet of paper in half and open it back up making sure the fold is vertical to you.

Fold the left and right edges inwards to meet your centre fold then open your paper up again.

Next fold each corner inward so that the corner points meet the nearest crease and close the left and right folds.

The next step is to run the whole thing over vertically so that you can see a perfect triangle at the top of your paper.

Do the same with the bottom, tucking the bottom edge into the diagonal flaps (they will overlap slightly).

Pop your card into the case and boom! You have a snazzy, cheap, easy and effective business card holder to pull out when you are mingling!

Happy crafting. Alice x.


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