Autumn and winter colours: Spicy Mustard


Ok, I have to confess, mustard yellow is one of my all time favourite colours. So, on hearing that this colour is going to be on trend this autumn/winter has resulted in a very happy Joanna, dressed in mustard from head to toe of course!

As well as loving this colour, I also like looking at how to bring colour trends into other areas of my life, not just my wardrobe. So, I’ve put together some fun things that you can try too!

Paint your own kitchenware / If you can’t find mustard themed kitchenware, then why not paint your own. Pick up some plain plates, tea cups and bowls and paint them using porcelain paint, which you can pick up from most craft stores.

Make your own accessories / Make your next craft project in mustard yellow. You could knit a new scarf, sew a purse or crochet a gorgeous winter hat.

Complementary colour combo / Team up spicy mustard with complementary colours such as navy blue, dark grey or teal for a gorgeous combination. You could try this with clothes, accessories or home décor.

It’s a match / I love matching my nail varnish to my accessories, such as a bag or scarf for a simple but colourful look.

Throw a colour themed craft party / Get your girlfriends together and have a spicy mustard themed craft party. You could try your hand at all sorts of crafts with the only theme being the colour. You could even make some mustard coloured macaroons to pop on those plates you painted earlier!

I hope this inspires you to bring a dash of spicy mustard into your life. Do come and tell us on Twitter and Instagram about how you’re using this colour because we love to hear from you!



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