Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas



Today I’m sharing some alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Family night

If it’s impossible to get a babysitter, why not spend the day together as a family. You could

bake a heart shaped cake, make Valentine’s Day cards for each other, take a day trip or maybe go and surprise Gran and Grandad with a visit and a homemade card!

Movie night in your pyjamas

If you’d prefer to stay away from the busy cinemas, why not create your own romantic movie night at home. You could have hot dogs, nachos, sweets and popcorn and snuggle up on the sofa together in your pyjamas to watch a film.

Galentine’s Day

If you’ve not already heard of “Galentine’s Day”, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day and it’s when you celebrate your love for your female friends, whether you’re single or not. I think this is a lovely idea, so why not get together with your bestie and tell them what a wonderful friend they are. You could share a tub of ice cream and watch girly movies, do a fun craft workshop together or simply head to your favourite restaurant for a meal and a proper catch up!

Pizza and games with friends

Get together with your friends and have a pizza and games night. Find a game or two that’s fun, fast and will have everyone in hysterics and if you’re feeling extra creative, you could make your own pizzas too. Simply pick up some bases from the supermarket or make your own and ask everyone to bring a different pizza topping. Add a few cocktails and mocktails to go with and you’ve got yourself a fun night with your mates!

Try a new cuisine

There are so many incredible new restaurants out there, so instead of sticking with the old favourite, book a table somewhere you’ve not been before. You could try a completely new cuisine, such as French, Thai or Russian. Have a look online to see what new restaurants have opened up in your area and go try something a bit different.


What will you be doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you a fan of it?

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