Summer Knitting Outside


What I love about summer is the colourful arrival of buds and leaves on the trees, optimistic bright blue skies, and fluffy clouds, and getting outside for a refreshing walk around the park or simply having a cup of tea in the garden.

But it doesn’t just stop there! I especially love taking my latest knitting or embroidery project outside. There’s something magical about crafting in the great outdoors, whether it be in the back garden, on a park bench or at the beach.

If you’ve never tried crafting outdoors, I urge you to try it out. There’s something rather special about it. Sitting on a picnic blanket under a big blue sky, with a ball of yarn, flask of tea and some homemade cake always takes me back to childhood, when I’d take pretend tea with my dolls.

So, why not give some alfresco crafting a go! You could even get your friends together and turn it into an outdoor craft party with cucumber sandwiches, a Victorian sponge cake and a bottle of bubbly or you could simply grab a sunny moment on your lunch break and knit a few rows. Whatever you decide, get out there and craft until your heart’s content!

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