5 Pyjama Tips For A Restful Night’s Sleep



As a self employed freelancer working from home, I’m an expert pyjama wearer… I jest! I don’t actually work in my pyjamas; they’re for relaxing times!
I do know my loungewear well though so I thought it would be fun to share my top tips for getting a restful night’s sleep while wearing awesome nightwear.

// Shop at all the best places. My absolute favourites are Oysho (http://www.oysho.com/) and Women’s Secret (http://womensecret.com/) for ladies’ pyjamas – the quality is incredible and they both use super soft fabrics that will have you snuggled up in no time. Oysho’s pyjama bottoms feature the most fun patterns and designs while also having a gorgeous range of florals and paisleys for more special occasions. Women’s Secret stocks the most adorable lace and cotton nightdresses and fun slogan tees. Both brands are really reasonable too, so no reason to buy sub par nightwear for the most important task of the day – curling up in bed!

// Try shopping in the menswear section! Men’s pyjama bottoms and loungewear pants are way better than some womenswear; they’re longer and slouchier making them ideal for relaxing around the house and they don’t shrink up above your ankles in the wash. They also have pockets!! Who doesn’t love pockets?

// Swap your dressing gown for a hoodie. I find dressing gowns are too big, getting in the way, dragging along the floor and tripping you up as you walk up and down the stairs. Hoodies are my favourite alternative as they’re shorter than your average dressing gown, but still as cosy. They’re also easier to pack for a weekend away.

// Snuggle up with your favourite band. I don’t ever buy matching sets of pyjamas any more as I love to wear my favourite band tees to bed instead. As most music merch is designed for men, the t-shirts are often bigger and roomier than a ladies pyjama top and I know I love the design on the front. Band tees used to be made out of cheap, scratchy material with big thick prints on the front which are not comfortable for sleeping, but these days the prints are lighter onto gorgeous worn cotton styles making them ideal for a restful night’s sleep.

// Make your own! If you want to get into making your own clothes there is nothing easier to get you started than a pair of pyjama bottoms. Even better you get to pick the fabric and fit them exactly to size for the most comfortable night’s sleep ever! If you give it a go, don’t forget to share the results with us on social media!!



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