Alternative Mother’s Day Gifts

Alternative Mother’s Day Gifts


Today I thought I’d share some alternative Mother’s Day gifts to help you think outside the box!

Extreme Sports

Sky diving, caving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, the list of extreme sport activities goes on and on, and there’s bound to be something for all interests whether your Mum likes to be up in the air or diving through the waves.


Flower subscription

Instead of sending one bunch of flowers, you could set up a subscription for your Mum to receive a beautiful bunch every month. There are loads of lovely companies that offer this service and if you keep quiet about it, this would make such a lovely surprise each month.


TV Show

Being in the audience for a live TV show is so much fun and there are loads of websites where you can sign up to be in with a chance, such as SRO Audiences, Applause Store, and Lost in TV. It may have to be a gift that you keep on hold but what a good one it would be! Alternatively, if your Mum is partial to treading the boards, you could research how she could become an extra in a film or TV drama!


Colour Analysis

For a wonderful treat, why not book your Mum into have a colour analysis to find out what shades suit her and then go clothes shopping to help her choose some beautiful new outfits.


I hope this has inspired you to think outside the box for Mother’s Day and treat your Mum to something a little different. What will you be doing for Mother’s Day this year?


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