Crafting in March


Welcome to March, Makers! We hope you enjoyed everything that we brought to you in February. This month we are going to be bringing you loads of exciting new mini-projects, trend information and inspiration but we wanted to give you a quick run down of what we think the top trends for March will be.

Flowers – Have you ever tried flower arranging? How about flower art? The flowers are starting to come out and the longer days and better weather is going to put us in the mood for beautiful blooms around our home.

Yellow – When the sun comes out and the sky is blue we will all fancy donning our fave yellow (insert your yellowest item of clothing here – mine is my yellow shoes!) We will give you loads of tips on crafting with, styling and wearing yellow this month.

Healthy Eating – We know it’s march now which traditionally means that the resolutions have been flung in the bin by now but in 2017 we are determined to stay healthy. We will keep you up to date on the best ways to stay healthy this month.

Treating Ourselves – We want to stay healthy this month but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up sugar!! We’re going to give you some brilliant recipes and styling tips for impressing your friends and family with a sweet treat!

Gloves – The gloves are still very much on in March, it is going to be a chilly one and we will need to keep our digits wrapped up warm!!

Organisation – We usually do a huge spring clean around March, there is no better time for it. We will give you some tips and tricks for spring cleaning all of your crafts.

We can’t wait to jump head first into March and we really hope you enjoy this month with us! Make sure you keep us up to speed on what is happening with you this month and if you are knitting your Simple Stylish Knitting quilt, then we would love to see your progress on our social media pages!

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