Gardening Corner: Jobs for November


November is often a rather chilly month, with leaves falling from the trees and the rain and wind gearing up a level. With this change in weather and temperature there are some crucial jobs you can do in the garden, as well as some lovely ones too!


Protect roses and buddleia from wind-rock by pruning them back. Wind-rock is basically when a plant’s root is destabilized by winter gales.

Sweet parsnips

After the first frost has been, those parsnips you planted earlier in the year will sweeten up a treat and be ready to pick. You can also harvest cabbages and brussel sprouts.

Get prepared for next year

This may sound crazy but now is a great time to get those leaves swept up; the greenhouse and pots cleared out, and generally have a good tidy up. It will soon get too cold to do all of this and before you know it you’ll be planting seeds again, so it’s good to get this job out the way and be ready for next year.

Fruit trees

Now is the time to plant those fruit trees and bushes before the ground becomes too hard to dig. Yummy fruits you could plant include pear and apple trees, raspberries and currant bushes.

Bonfire season

If you scooped up all those leaves and trimmed back those rose bushes, make yourself a bonfire with all the twigs. Just remember to check no wildlife, such as hedgehogs, have crept into the pile of leaves and twigs.

Don’t forget the birdies!

Give a helping hand to all those birds out there by continuing to top up your feeders and ensuring bird baths aren’t freezing over. Birds also need a variety of food such as seeds, fat balls, uncooked porridge oats, bacon rind, and peanuts. Dunnocks, Robins and Blackbirds prefer to feed from the ground, so make sure you put food where they can reach it.

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