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Blogging is so much fun and encourages lots of creativity. It not only improves your writing and photography skills but you also learn lots about those topics you are writing about too. This could be anything from cooking, gardening, crochet, painting to furniture design.

If you’re keen to start your own blog, here are a few top tips and ideas to get you going.

Free sites / It doesn’t need to cost a penny to start your own blog. There are free sites where you can set a blog up in a matter of minutes, such as Blogger or WordPress.

Planning / Blog posts don’t just create themselves; you need to plan what you’re going to write about. Get yourself a brand new notebook dedicated to all your blogging ideas and keep it with you, so that you can write down ideas when you’re out and about. When you’ve got a list of ideas, create a schedule of when you’re going to publish those posts. This helps keep you focused and organised.

Photography / Readers love images; it helps draw them into your blog post. So, get your digital camera out or use your mobile phone to snap up some lovely photos to go with those blog posts.

Proof read / After writing that blog post, always proof read it several times. There’s nothing worse than noticing an error after you’ve published and shared it on all your social media accounts. Don’t panic if you do see a spelling error though, just update it and move on to writing your next post.

Social media / Don’t forget to share your blog posts on social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Another good tip is to put a link to your blog in the about section on all those platforms too, so that people can head straight to your awesome blog.

I hope you like these tips and don’t forget to come and say hello on Twitter too!





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