10 Embroidery Instagram Feeds to Follow

Crafts, like pretty much everything, go in trends and cycles. Some of the trends are timeless (think knitting and crochet) others are momentary (think washi tape crafts) but there is one trend getting a lot of attention at the moment which is just brilliant – embroidery. All over social media, blogs and even the runway, embroidery definitely seems to be having a huge comeback.

Most of the designs you will see at the moment are kept in the confines of embroidery hoops. But rather than sticking to traditional designs, embroidery artists are embroidering everything from swear words to flowers and foxes. And the brilliant thing about embroidery is that once you have the skill, you can create just about anything onto any fabric surface.

Below are my favourite 10 embroidery Instagram feeds for you to follow for some embroidery inspiration!

1// @threadhoney


A mixture of beautiful, bright designs and funny quotes, this Instagram by artist Jennifer Riggs is absolutely stunning and will make you giggle!

2// @coralandtusk


This Brooklyn based artist creates very intricate and delicate embroidery pieces on everything from table cloths to badges.

3// @sarahkbenning


This contemporary embroidery artist, Sarah Benning, creates bright pieces that will make you wish you were on holiday!

4// @moonrisewhims


Renee, the woman behind this beautiful hoop, creates quite dark embroidery work with a beautiful twist (like the flowers in this piece).

5// @memorialstitches


Carrie Violet behind Memorial Stitches creates the most stunning pieces. They are all created using black thread and the ghostly, modern feel to them is just beautiful.

6// @cinderandhoney


If you like things a little brighter and happier then this is the Instagram for you! These flowers will brighten up any bad day.

7// @s.lapre


Stephanie’s modern take on mountainous landscapes is as interesting as it is beautiful.

8// @sewandsaunders


This UK artist’s botanical inspired Instagram uses fabulous colour combinations and is the perfect source of inspiration.

9// @kimartdesigns


Kim has a beautiful shop where she sells her embroidery, you can have custom designs made with everything from your name to your favourite flower on there!

10// @eradura


I’ve left the best (at least in my opinion the best) until last! Erika’s designs are not only beautiful, you can cover yourself in them! She makes, and sells, her beautiful hand-embroidered patches!

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